I suppose to write something about myself. Probably it is one of the hardest question. Anybody else feels the same way? You know that moment when you are in a group and somebody is coming up with a good icebreaker game – sometimes those games just freak me out :)) Seriously. When you have to say something about yourself. First of all you never know what to say because maybe you seem too humble and everybody is like “ouh come on…”. Second of all you seem too cocky and I think this is the worst :)))  Usually that’s why I volunteer to prepare those games. The easiest way to escape them or at least you can think about it the whole day.

So, now I will try my best and say something real about myself.

I’m a 24 years old girl. OK, let’s say a women. One of the most important thing about me is that I’m saved and I was born again. Yes, I’m a christian. I was born and raised in a Baptist family and I still consider myself as a Baptist “church member”, but I do believe in the Holly Spirit. But I don’t believe in religions, I believe in God.

The second most important thing about me is that I’m married. Yuhuu:D I got married last year, in 2015. It was one of the best decision I have ever made. He is the best. (but don’t worry you will learn more about him later on :D).


This summer I just finished my bachelor in Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services. Don’t ask about the name. Here in RO they want us to know a bit about everything. What is impossible. So the sad part about studies is I still have to write my main thesis which is right now my worst nightmare. Anyway, I’m working now as a receptionist at a hotel in the fortress (check it out – it’s awesome and unique, I mean you will sleep and eat in a fortress  www.hotelcetateoradea.ro). I kinda like this job and I’m getting used to it. I’ve got it without any experiences so I’m thankful for it.


I live in my hometown with my husband in a small house. We don’t have any cats or dogs, because I don’t want. (sorry). Maybe later. Yes of course I want kids but I put this in Gods hands. He knows better then me.

I love cooking but I’m not an expert. Usually the picture from Pinterest is not the same as my food. But I’m still trying (maybe one day). I also like to make handmade stuffs – still working on my website. From jewelries to decoupaging wooden boxes. I’m still working on my creativity. You know Pinterest is my friend :D.

Sport? Yes I love it. The problem is I’m not that good in any of them and I am the person who is annoying the rest of the players when we play volleyball or basketball and so on. But they love me so they let me play almost every time  I want. Last year, thanks to my husband I’ve learned how to swim. It’s greeeat. When I have money during the winter I go snowboarding. Probably I don’t ride as many time as I fall down, but I still enjoy it. My dear husband thought maybe I can learn it faster on the asphalt so he bought me a longboard which I really like. But he is still better than me.  Ouh, and I almost forgot, what I can do a bit better is table tennis. The best feeling when I beat the boys. Haha.

I don’t consider myself as a boring person. Usually I’m the one who is coming up with crazy ideas. I like to do and try out new, interesting, crazy and dangerous things.


My favorite thing to do is to travel, and travel, and travel. Ouh I love traveling. I have never been outside of Europe but I’m planning it as soon as I have money for it. I love doing more things at the same time. Just to never get bored. I’m an extrovert person and I hope this explains a lot about me. As I said for me it’s hard to write about my personality. Like I’m kind and helpful and bla bla…. I don’t even know if I am kind and helpful enough. What is “kind enough” actually?..So better talk about real, tangible, evident facts.

That’s me, that’s how my husband married me and still loves me.:D Of course I have to change a lot of things about myself and I am working on them already. You can ask my husband. I hope he will tell the same.

I’m not complaining, I’m ok with my life. I’m thankful because I have what I need, and more then that. God really blessed me and I know He will give me more.